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Our Mission

Stones & Bones is dedicated to making unique, quality craft items with a rustic theme that are inspired by our love and devotion to our outdoor lifestyle. 

We specialize in antler craft, fire starters, hand tuned whistles and other unique items.

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Our New Products

This is just a sample of what Stones & Bones has to offer.

New products are always being designed so check back often.

We will also do custom requests.

Combination Fire Starter/ Whistle

The Combo has become the signature item for Stones & Bones.  Using the same high quality ferro rods as our other fire starting tools, the Combo features a whistle built into the genuine antler handle.  Now as long as you have your fire tool you will also have an audible signal device in your kit.  Like our Antler Whistle, each tool is crafted by hand in our Minneapolis shop and hand tuned for optimum sound.

Antler Whistle

Handcrafted from a section of whitetail deer antler, each whistle has its own unique sound.  Great for gun dog training, camping, hiking or any time when you may need to signal others.  Each whistle is tested to sound off at a minimum of 93 decibels.  

Fatwood Fire Starter

This tool is built with practicality in mind.  Not just a tool, it is a complete fire starting kit.  It starts with the premium Ferrocerium rod and multi use striker that throws ample amounts of white hot sparks.  Then the fatwood handle is wrapped with jute twine giving plenty of material to start your fire in case suitable materials are not available.  Keep one in your pack, vehicle, ATV or snowmobile and always be prepared.  

Antler Handled Firestarter​​

This is one of our most popular items and is great for any time you are headed outdoors.  The handle is made from genuine whitetail deer antler with a 8mm ferrocerium rod.  Unlike matches and lighters that get wet or fail, the ferro rod can be used in almost any weather condition to spark a fire.  Each lighter comes with a paracord attachment loop and a steel striker.  ​

Antler Key Chain

Bring a touch of the outdoors wherever you go!  Each key chain is hand crafted with genuine whitetail deer antler.  Makes a great gift for the outdoors person in your life!

Pocket Stones

These pocket stones are individually hand etched with inspired designs.  Tell us what you want and we are happy to make it for you!  Please visit our Esty store to place an order!

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